Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegan MoFo Go

It's November 1st already?  Wasn't yesterday supposed to last longer?  We had a fun Halloween.  My son is seven, and our system is that he goes out trick-or-treating and, upon coming home, swaps out whatever he got in exchange for vegan candies we've purchased. 

Because he is allergic to egg, he has learned to be very, very cautious about any food that doesn't originate with us.  Poor guy freaked out a bit at the first house we stopped at, refusing the chocolate bars the woman there was handing out.  After calming him down and accepting lollipops instead, I reminded him about our swapping system (once we were on our way to walking to the next house).


mollyjade said...

I used to swap candy with my parents as a kid. It's actually a good childhood memory.

Mirkat said...

Oh, good--I hope it will be a good memory for my son, too. :)