Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you Mayor Jennings!

Earlier this month, the legislation to lift the ban on backyard chickens in the city of Albany passed narrowly in the common council.  Yesterday, Mayor Jerry Jennings vetoed the bill.  I applaud him.  I am one of the citizens--one of people whose "will" keeps being overlooked whenever the Chicken Coalition folks characterize their position as "the will of the people"--who contacted Mayor Jennings and urged him to veto the legislation.  I had also shared my concerns with my council member, but apparently he didn't care, as he is one of the people who voted in favor of the legislation.

Mayor Jennings has my full support for re-election.  Mike O'Brien (12th Ward, Common Council) has lost my vote.  The "chicken" people are gearing to go against Jennings for the next election.  Meanwhile, they have some council members to bully, if they are ever to get the veto over-ridden.

This from the folks who characterize themselves as the kind, gentle, progressive, pro-sustainability types.  And somehow they can't seem to be anything but nasty and dismissive about anyone who disagrees with them.