Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 4: Pre-run Smoothie

When I get home from work today, I am planning to do a five-mile tempo run on the ol' treadmill.  I typically use the treadmill for tempo and interval runs because I suck at judging my pace and do not have a Garmin watch.  Also, it's raining and yucky today, so I'd probably be using the 'mill anyway.

Before doing my run, I'll have a delicious smoothie.  Here's what I'll use:

1 banana
3 dates
1 T ground flaxseed
.5 T white chia seeds
1 T carob powder
1 T brown rice, cooked
.5 T coconut oil
.5 T agave syrup
.5 c organic soymilk
.5 c water
4 ice cubes (added after the previous ingredients are well blended)

I'll whip this up in my blender and then enjoy the deliciousness.  I started making these in the summer after reading an article about how drinking a slushie before a run helps fight off overheating during hot-weather runs.  I really cranked up the ice for those summer smoothies, using 8-10 cubes for a super-thick, icy drink.  Now, of course, overheating is not an issue (it's currently 43 degrees and raining--yuck!).  However, I've really come to enjoy having a nice thick smoothie before a run, so I still include some cubes.

Another variation I sometimes use is to include a tablespoon of either hemp protein powder or raw hemp.  Need to restock at the co-op!

Update:  Here's a close-up--taken via webcam.  :)


Jenni Unicorn said...

Sounds good! I'm going to have to try that.

Mirkat said...

Please let me know what you think. Something else I sometimes add--if I'm doing a morning run--is a bit of yerba maté tea, for an extra kick of caffeine. If you don't mind adding a bit of grit to the texture, you can just add in some loose leaves (I do about .5 T). If you don't want the grit, you can replace the water with an equal amount of brewed tea. :)