Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Veganning with a Vengeance

I've gone on a binge of ordering vegan cookbooks from the library. True, I've only actually done one recipe so far, but I have a stack of potential.

Dkat borrowed from me Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Vegan with a Vengeance and was so impressed he decided to buy it. In his words, it's got realistic, doable, tested recipes. He likes the fact that the recipes do not rely on all kinds of processed meat replacements and fake cheeses, but on fresh, whole foods. He's jonesing to try the falafel recipe and I'm very curious about the homemade seitan. I had no idea it could be made so simply (or at least it appears so from the recipe). I've also got her new book, Veganomicon, on order from library.

As a testament to the growing interest in vegan cooking, I found I was unable to renew Vive Le Vegan because someone else had requested it. Part of me thinks, "Harumph" but another thinks, "Go, vegan cooking!"

In other veganning news, I had a dream that I accidentally ate some butter cookies.


howard said...

In other veganning news, I had a dream that I accidentally ate some butter cookies.

At least you didn't have the dream where you are eating a giant marshmallow and you wake up and can't find your pillow.

Mirkat said...

LOL--no one wants that dream. :)

My son woke up screaming at 4 AM because one of his Care Bears had fallen out of bed. That wasn't too much fun!

howard said...

Care Bears at 4 am. That is a nightmare!

My daughter went through a brief Care Bears phase, when I thought they were pretty much a thing of the past. She rented a few Care Bears videos, watched them a few dozen times, and pretty much got over them. Their stories don't really hold up well over time.

Mirkat said...

My son's Care Bears obsession has lasted for almost two years now! He has two plush-toy bears (Tenderheart Bear and Funshine Bear), he was Bedtime Bear for Halloween (cutest bear ever!), he's got several of the books, he's got most if not all of the movies on DVD, a couple of episode discs, and even a computer game. When he plays other games and it's necessary to name a character, he almost always chooses a Care Bear name. Thus, we'll have Sims named Oopsy Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear, or Cheer Bear. Those are the favorites. Oh, and he also has a small, plastic Oopsy Bear--came with the DVD Oopsy Does It. :)

Captain Underpants said...

Hooray for Isa! We don't know each other, but my favourite recipe in Vengan with a Vengeance is the Mustard Mple beans nd potatoes (or whatever veg because yum) and the gravy. I'm from Canada and so in order to l keep my French Canadian heritage I use it for poutine :)

Veganomicon is unbelievably good. My new cupboard addition was wheat gluten to make chick pea cutlets and other meat-esque patties and such, and they are super popular in our little household. Yay Isa!

Next: cupcakes? :-)

Mirkat said...

I'll have to try that one, Captain Underpants. :)

I've ordered Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World from my library, too. Definitely becoming an Isa fan.