Thursday, January 10, 2008

I took option #1

I had the lasagna. It turns out I was mistaken about the cheese being one layer on top. It's pretty pervasive. And there are two different kinds.


See, I work M-F, 9-5 and my husband cares for our son and does the cooking. On weekends, we swap. I came home so hungry and I thought, "I hope he didn't make lasagna." And he had. He's had a really bad cold lately and had very little energy today, hence the "throw something in the oven" type option.

I didn't enjoy the lasagna. I used to love it, but it tasted too salty and heavy for me. And almost immediately I had a headache. I don't know if the lasagna is to blame or if it's coincidence (or maybe even psychosomatic). But I'm thinking I'll skip the lasagna next time it comes up. Maybe over the weekend I'll do a bunch of cooking so I have a backup plan.


howard said...

My sister does this business, and has found it is very difficult to do "on the fly", particularly if you are trying to convince your family to go along with you. She has to plan things out for each week.

I am not sure on this point. Are you trying to go Vegan just yourself, or are your husband and son on board with it? My sister's kids were such finicky eaters, she had to make the move without them, and made meals with enough Vegan items to satisfy her, while with non-Vegan items on the menu the kids would eat for them.

Mirkat said...

It's pretty much me, though my husband is supportive. He's an omnivore, but he likes the idea of being "more vegan" for various reasons (health, environmental). He is happy to follow a primarily vegetarian diet, and will make vegan meals most days. He is also convinced, however, that men "need" a certain amount of meat, so he typically has some turkey that he cooks and keeps frozen. He mostly avoids red meat, though occasionally he'll have some if it's offered, say at a barbecue.

My son loves vanilla soy milk, he loves vegetables, BUT he also LOVES his Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt and eats turkey with my husband.

This morning, my husband was telling me about having gone without coffee for a few days and how although it's been an adjustment, he is starting to feel better without an "artificial jolt." I mentioned I might just have to work my way up to that, too. Then I mentioned that I'd felt really good after having cut out the dairy for about ten days--like my body just feels more "right." And he said, "Vegan is definitely the way to go." And he said, "It's just a time issue--if there had been a vegan lasagna, I would have bought that."

Anyway, I plan to do more shopping/cooking/planning over the weekend. :)